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Get Involved

Be a Participant

One of the key trademarks of the Norfolk Superhero Challenge is the 'buddy system'. People take part in teams of two, working together as a unit. If we have any drop-outs we invite people from our waiting list. 

Click here to see the Terms and Conditions of Participation

Be a volunteer

Please join our amazing team of volunteers, marshalls and helpers who are crucial to the successful running of the event. Whether its marshalling the route, manning a water station or simply cheering the competitors through the course, we need you!! 

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Be a Sponsor

The Superhero wouldn't run without the huge generosity of our sponsors. All proceeds from the Superhero goes to charity so sponsor support is vital. We always return this generosity with as much publicity and exposure as possible in and around the event.


I really enjoyed my first time as a Pink Lady, thanks to everyone who was so friendly and helpful. See you next year!

All hail our infamous


It's not just the participants who are superheroes!

Every year the most loved aspect of the Norfolk Superhero is the wonderful group of volunteers who give their time and expertise to make the event so special. Dressed in Pink T-shirts, these guys help the weekend run smoothly, keep the competitors on the right track and crank up the atmosphere to 11. From the boatman, who so kindly help us ferry the competitors out to the start at Gun Hill, to the wonderful volunteer safety guys and gals on paddle boards, kayaks, RIBs and 4x4s or just two legs the Superhero would not happen without their help.  So this is to say thank you to all you stalwarts, we love having you on our team - you Rock!

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