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17th June 2017 Norfolk Superhero
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The Superheroes

2017 Competitor List

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The Lord Nelson Trophy
The Dame Edna Trophy
The Lady Hamilton Cup

The Lord Nelson Trophy

Loosehead and Blindside Ross Haddow
Loosehead and Blindside James Haddow
Beer Brothers Philip Beer
Beer Brothers Martin Beer
Gangster's Paradise Sam Kendrick
Gangster's Paradise Jack Hood
Blood, Sweat and Beers Sam Kingston
Blood, Sweat and Beers Tim Murdoch
Minimum Grooming Required Howard Olby
Minimum Grooming Required James Tovey
Cloth and Scapel James Lapping
Cloth and Scapel Jon Kennedy
Gone Crabbing Richard Patrick
Gone Crabbing Colin Hazell
Flotsum Jnr and Jetsam Ian 'Chips' Howarth
Flotsum Jnr and Jetsam Robert Bailey
To Be Advised Andrew Nunn
To Be Advised Jamie Carter
Norfolk Ex-Pecs Marcus Hoare
Norfolk Ex-Pecs Rupert Staines
Ormergeddon Jon Holt
Ormergeddon Stephen Langlois
Farnham Tri Harder Charles Miller
Farnham Tri Harder Keith Conradi
Fen Blowers Nick Allpress
Fen Blowers Simon Thompson
Heroes in Clogs Ben Tysterman
Heroes in Clogs Will Tysterman
Tadhkar-Al-Nakba Hugh Somerleyton
Tadhkar-Al-Nakba Tom Leveritt
Monkfish Roger Canham
Monkfish Dylan Bogg
Huffin and Puffin James Bracey
Huffin and Puffin Louis Clabburn
Ex Presidents Mark Lapping
Ex Presidents David Milner
Ugly Five Zero Alexis Brun
Ugly Five Zero Matthew Noble-Clarke
Slippery When Wet Tom Rivett
Slippery When Wet Anthony Money
Here We Go Again Simon Wren
Here We Go Again John Hamilton
The Incredibles James Everson-Crane
The Incredibles Sean Henry
Finnish! Matt Dillon
Finnish! Lauchlan Maclean-Bristol
Bad Form Adam Bamford
Bad Form Tom Bamford
Normal for Norfolk Jimmy Goddard
Normal for Norfolk Steve Ellsey
Bone Idol Alex Scoles
Bone Idol John Evans
Young Guns Oliver Jurascheck
Young Guns Jack Pearce
The Beach Wailers Will Barratt
The Beach Wailers Edward Sidgwick
The Little Bros Jonty Sadler
The Little Bros Samuel Sadler
BA to Lima George Mackinnon
BA to Lima Hugh Mackinnon
Team FarmFit Kevin King
Team FarmFit Rob Hurcomb
Lose the Suit, Live the Life Phil Haslam
Lose the Suit, Live the Life Ash Gilman
Coast Busters Oliver Sadler
Coast Busters Will Spriggs
Laurel and Hardy 9 Mark Hewlett
Laurel and Hardy 9 Mike Lamyman
Hawaiian Pirates Paul Forster
Hawaiian Pirates Tom Vickery
Ale and Pace Matt Greenhill
Ale and Pace Jack Lindop
Ex Duris Gloria Richard Allinson
Ex Duris Gloria Steve Hemmingsley
Pheel de Feer Phil Ellis
Pheel de Feer Russell De Beer
National Express Nick Folland
National Express William Garnett
Not Tue's Just Tooheys Robert Gurney
Not Tue's Just Tooheys Tim Hansell
Monkey Face and Spidey Oli Pugh
Monkey Face and Spidey Nick Bizley
The Beeristas Mark Smith
The Beeristas Tom Marriott
Cold Chips 'n' Dip Dan Guppy
Cold Chips 'n' Dip Simon Riches
Nice Toys shame about the Boys Jonny Hewitson
Nice Toys shame about the Boys Oliver Rippier
What even is a kayak? Philip Done
What even is a kayak? Andy Eccles
Mid Life Crisis Mark Bottomley
Mid Life Crisis Adam Hartley
Jaws Jason Snook
Jaws Anton Wimmer
Southern Discomfort Dominic Buscall
Southern Discomfort Henry Tufnell
Untried or Tested Andrew Rutherford
Untried or Tested James Large
Still Ticking Over Nick Luscombe
Still Ticking Over Chris Luscombe
Old and Bold David Horton-Fawkes
Old and Bold Ben Hunter-Watts Ed Wharton Jeremy Lovell
Bob's Your Uncle and Your Dad Tom Warren
Bob's Your Uncle and Your Dad Will Thompson
QDG Mark Black
QDG Keiran Welfoot
The Bernards Tom Salter
The Bernards Richard Muncer
The Stamford Crew Christopher Ford
The Stamford Crew Ben Couch
Zimmer of Hope James Acworth
Zimmer of Hope Will Acworth
Nulli Secundus James Duckworth-Chad
Nulli Secundus Tom Mollo
Lojo and Nojo Mark Richardson
Lojo and Nojo Carl Richardson
Lean and Mean Alex Gladstone
Lean and Mean Barney Kauffman
Catz Coasters Neil Cosgrove
Catz Coasters Rob Brisbourne
Wye Boys Return Stafford Proctor
Wye Boys Return Charles Scott
Famba Zvakanaka Alan Hill
Famba Zvakanaka Niall McCallum
Too Little Too Late Matt Gingell
Too Little Too Late Patrick Wales
Heacham Henchmen Mark 'Smiler' Richardson
Heacham Henchmen Graham Bray
Goggle Box Ian Fox
Goggle Box Matt Bartram
Drafters Simon Able
Drafters John O'Neil
Moobs Like Jagger Mark Widdowson
Moobs Like Jagger James McIntosh

The Dame Edna Trophy

Farnham and Norfolk Good Chance Tim Stone
Farnham and Norfolk Good Chance Sarah Atkinson
No Payne No Gain Matt Payne
No Payne No Gain Sheila Oxtoby
Hitchcock Thriller Lucy Hitchcock
Hitchcock Thriller Harry Hitchcock
The Dormy Duo Anna Glasswell
The Dormy Duo Sam Glasswell
Visiains of Susanna Iain White
Visiains of Susanna Susanna Jones
Purely for the Mud Saya Sheridan
Purely for the Mud Nicholas Bertrand
Youth n' Experience Abbie Thorrington
Youth n' Experience Mark Harrod
Birch Beauties Claire Birch
Birch Beauties James Birch
Leicesterless Geoffrey Garfoot
Leicesterless Renata Garfoot
Caley Hall Hotel Simon Meek
Caley Hall Hotel Joanna Jamieson
Tri Harder Ben Walker
Tri Harder Eve Dewsnap
Gulls and Buoys Olivia Leeper
Gulls and Buoys Alexander Leeper
The Cheese Crumpets Tiffany Turner
The Cheese Crumpets Matt Turner-Jarvis
R and R Antony Ringer
R and R Rachel Symington
Team Snitch Richard Grant
Team Snitch Lucy Saxleby
Big Mac and Pocket Rocket Karen Neill
Big Mac and Pocket Rocket Andrew MacDonald
Going Going Gone Bryan Baxter
Going Going Gone Diane Swanepoel
Normal for Normantons Bryony Normanton
Normal for Normantons Rory Normanton
Boozy Babes Emma Littmoden
Boozy Babes Tim Childs
Team Bandi Ben Jackson
Team Bandi Mandi Cleyndert
Holly Codgers Susie Towning
Holly Codgers Jeremey Bolam
Rita, Sue and Bob too Charlotte Maclean-Bristol
Rita, Sue and Bob too Gareth Stokes
Small and Hall Frankie Hall
Small and Hall Nick Littmoden

The Lady Hamilton Cup

The Brunettes Abbie Brun
The Brunettes Emma Lloyd-Davies
Wrong Direction Susan Potter
Wrong Direction Alison Morton
Science Friction Abbie Conway
Science Friction Rebecca Hornby
The Speckled Hens Bev Widdowson
The Speckled Hens Emma Harrison
In Preparation Emily Lochore
In Preparation Nicky Knowles
LongWorth Waiting For Jokey Mollo
LongWorth Waiting For Gay Longworth
Double Trouble Louise Barber
Double Trouble Pip Barber
The Long and Short of it Megan Hardman
The Long and Short of it Julia McLean
Cooking Nerds Naomi Hansell
Cooking Nerds Clare Adam